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BitFringe Technologies pricing structure

Bitfringe OptiX provides a set of tools of analyzing images and processes output in a number of extensions. With us you pay only for your usage, no minimum fees and no upfront commitments. Optix charges you for each image you process and whether you extract only text from documents or text with tables and whether you implement it in your databases. A single page may contain between 0 and 4000 words.

Text Recognition API: Our advanced text recognition api allows you to extract text using optical character recognition technology from any image or file (jpg, png, tiff, bmp, pdf).

Advanced Text Recognition With Database Integration: Processes tables or text can be seamlessly uploaded to integrated databases saving hundreds of hours of manual data entry hassle. (Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, MS Access, Visual Basic, Oracle, MySQL,)


Get started now with our free tier, new customers can analyse up to 500 requests for free or opt for a 21-day free trial.

BitFringe OptiX API Pricing

1. Text API

Monthly Price Per Page Effective Price Per 1000 Page
First 1 Lakh Pages ₹10p ₹101.5
Over 1 Lakh Pages ₹15p ₹115.4

2. API For Pages With Tables And Forms Integrated With Databases

Monthly OCR + Database Integration Price Per Page Effective Price Per 1000 Page
First 1 Lakh Pages Included ₹3.14 ₹3140
Over 1 Lakh Pages Included ₹4.21 ₹4210

*Recognition of characters in tables and uploading to connected databases.

Pricing Examples Excluding Free Level

If you made the following requests in a particular month:

Total Pages Processed
1500 + 1000 = 2500 Pages

Your Cost Would Be:

Total Cost = ₹3140 + ₹150 = ₹3290/-

*Figures used to depict random scenario and do not represent transactions by any client.

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